About Us

Meet Erin and Jenna. We are not sisters or cousins or even distantly related. We can be easily mistaken for each other and also be seen together often! We became instant best friends when our boyfriends at the time, now husbands, introduced us and encouraged us to move to Sioux Center to be married and start our families. We enjoy a lot of the same things, like spinach and artichoke dip, pizza with pepperoni's and green olives, and raw chocolate chip cookie dough! We often times wear the same outfits and are always encouraging one another with God's word. So we asked ourselves "Why not share God's love and clothes with others, together?!" Which is why we started Guided Grace. 

Guided Grace got it's name from our two oldest daughters. Erin’s daughter, Sofia Nita got her middle name from Erin's Granny Juanita which means "to guide." Jenna passed down her middle name to her daughter, Mya Jean. Her middle name means “God is Gracious.” Together they become Guided Grace!