About Me


Hi, I'm Jenna. Busy girl mom, wife to Ryan and loves a good social outing with friends! When I do have time to relax, I enjoy boating, going for walks and hanging out in our backyard with some chips and salsa!
Guided Grace started in 2020 with my best friend Erin. We were 2 girls who loved Jesus and seeked Him for some healing in our lives. We started our own online boutique and added our Grow in Grace section of bibles and devotionals. We thought clothes and devotionals were a great combo for Moms! As our business grew and became busier, so did our kids and their schedules. We decided to stop the clothing part and I would continue with our Grow in Grace collection. Guided Grace began shortly after my 7-year-old daughter Mya went to heaven. Mya and Erin's daughter Sofia were also the bestest of friends. Sofia got her middle name "Nita" from Erin's Granny Juanita, which means "to guide." Jenna passed down her middle name, Jean, to Mya which means “God is Gracious.” Together we became Guided Grace! We were so blessed by the years we were in business to watch our friendship grow not only with each other but also Jesus.